Skill Credit System

Pillai College of Arts, Commerce and Science patent on ‘Skill Credit System’ that was developed for the college has been issued a patent by the German patent and Trademark Office. The number assigned is
20 2021 106 919.8

This is our first step towards expanding the Intellectual Property Rights of the college.

The team consisting of Vice-Principal Deepika Sharma, Dr. Kavita Kathare, Dr. Priam Pillai, Dr. Daphne Pillai and Deputy CEO, Mr. Franav Pillai contributed to this initiative.

New Methods of Education to Meet Post-Covid Requirements

The pre-covid era defined Literacy as ‘the ability to read and write’. The new age definition of ‘Literacy’ should encompass digital literacy and knowledge of issues plaguing our planet, environmental issues like climate change and air pollution, population, political awareness, social literacy and emotional literacy.

The patent has been granted by the German Patent and Trademark a Office and assigned the No.
über die Eintragung des
Gebrauchsmusters Nr. 20 2022 100 827

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